Ask for Help

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Have you ever noticed certain messages/ideas consistently, but randomly, appearing in your life - through different dimensions? Throughout your day, you see this certain message on the radio in your car, then someone randomly brings it up on conversation, then a similar video pops up on your Facebook feed. 

A certain message continued to appear in my every day life for the past week:
Asking for help.

I recently listened to a podcast that examined the effect of discussing your aspirations and dreams with people. Here's the idea: Instead of holding short and sweet conversations, revolving around 'I'm not doing much at the moment'; begin discussing what projects you are working on. Or the project you wish to begin. Humans have an innate longing to help. And they may not be the right person to directly bring your project to life, but one of the people, may know a friend who is willing to help. And the domino effect continues.

Then I discussed this idea with my dad - and he strongly resonated. Many years ago, my dad found himself in a small store in Fremantle, when a video appeared on the store's television, of someone surfing the Amazon River in Brazil. My dad right there decided, he wanted to surf that river. He told this idea to his brother, who sent him a documentary about the Amazon River. He then began discussing this idea with everyone surrounding him. A random woman working in a store said she knows a lady, in Brazil, who helps people organise trips to the Amazon. My dad got in touch with the woman, who got my dad in touch with the right people in Brazil, and organised his trip based on 'a friend of a friend'.. Someone who just wanted to help.

I then came across this video at the beginning of my article - Amanda Palmer: The art of asking. This forward, profound radical musician discussed the beauty in asking people for help, rather than forcing and telling. People are more willing to help you, if you let them. All you have to do is ask.

The Art Of Simplicity

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Lately I have discovered the beauty in minimalism.

I have always embraced a fast-paced, multi-tasking, over-planning approach to my working week -aiming to be super productive and plan every waking second, getting stuff done. And then I discovered This blog inspired me to embraced a simplistic mindset in every area of my life. From budgeting and mapping out my day, to planning my life goals and changing the way I think. Focusing on one thing at a time has decreased my anxieties and stress, improved my productivity and allowed me to focus on quality instead of quantity.

These are just a few of the minimalist tips that stuck in my mind.

--> Have an open mind - with no expectations. Imagine your about to snack on some blueberries. Your excited because you love the familiar juicy taste of a blueberry. You put the blueberry in your mouth and your disappointed to discover the blueberry is not yet ripe. Now imagine the first time you've ever tasted a blueberry. You have no idea - and no expectations - to what this may taste like. As you put the blueberry in your mouth, your curious about the taste and your sensations and fully awakened. The taste is amazing! You've discovered your new favourite fruit and feel extremely delighted with your snack. See the similarity to embracing a task with no expectations whatsoever?

--> Get the important things done first. Have a do to list of three things only. And focus on simply completing these three tasks for the day. After you've finished those, you now have the time to read, write, relax, or even continue being productive.

--> Eat basically the same thing - an abundance of vegetables every day. Don't dwell on deciding what to eat. Just eat what is nutritious for your body, and enjoy it.

--> De-clutter. Your house. Your mind. Your diary. Only posses the materials you absolutely need. Clothes you don't wear, unnecessary tasks, things you haven't used for months. Get rid of them. Humans are satisfied by the basic needs in life, all the other 'stuff' just creates clutter in your house and mind

--> Wake and sleep at approximately the same time each day. Get into a routine of reading yourself to sleep and awakening early. Try to follow the sun. zenhabits published a fantastic article about the art of waking early.

--> Create a morning ritual to start your day. This may just be a 5 minute meditation, perhaps some reading or writing, or a morning exercise or yoga. Keep it consistent.

Humans complicate life when it's realistically quite simple. Following these tips has transformed my emotions into a calm and collective state. 

Raw Bliss Balls

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Recently I have incorporated the weekly habit of blitzing up a quick recipe of bliss balls so I can help myself to a nutritious and healthy snack.
I take these to work, I eat them at home or even as a dessert before bedtime.

3 handfuls of Dates
2 cups of Desiccated coconut
2 Lemons
2 Cups almond meal OR L.S.A.

Soak the dates in boiling water to soften before blending.
Blend ALL ingredients in a high-speed blender or thermomix.
If the ingredients do not stick together, mix some melted coconut oil until dense.
Place some topping ingredients (I used chia seeds and sesame seeds) into a plate or open sized bowl.
Roll ingredients into small balls, and roll around on your plate of seeds.
Place in fridge or freezer and serve chilled.

Holistic medicine

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Last night I attended a lecture at the Raw Kitchen in Fremantle on the topic of the introduction to self care using holistic medicine.

Heath Daly, owner of Raw Kitchen, hosted the lecture as he spoke with ultimate passion and drive about his research on holistic medicine. Notes were provided with a page for each element of 'flow'.

The flow state.
I wasn't familiar with this 'flow state' although the elements and descriptions resonated with certain feelings we all experience from time to time. The flow state is a mental state of concentration, when time becomes illusionary and your whole focus is devoted to the task at hand. The flow state is activated when you are engaging in an activity you passionately love. Heath explained that when the flow state is activated in the brain, other unnecessary areas actually shut down (e.g. the area recording time) in order for one fundamental area to be completely encapsulated within the moment and activity. 

This blew my mind and also made complete sense. We have all experienced that certain state where your complete concentration is devoted to a certain project or activity. You loose track of time, you feel completely present in the moment and every other consideration and thought process disappears. 

How do we access this flow state? - Do you what you love.
Find your purpose and devote your whole self towards fulfilling it. Wake up excited about your life and enter the flow state frequently.

The elements of flow.
There are five elements of flow, and this philosophy is derived from an ancient Chinese medicine theory. This theory has been around for two thousand years and is still applicable and extremely relevant in our modern, high-tech world today. It provides a framework for your inner world through relating the framework to elements which create and support our universe. The most important aspect about this framework, is that all five elements are consistently connected and influencing each other. We must devote attention and energy to all five elements, because if one area suffers, the whole cycle is effected.

The leader within us who thinks strategically and creates logical plans. People with a strong wood element typically have a strong drive, strong temper, patience and logic. They are the professional or executive, and pursue the need to grow and develop.
Associated areas of the body: liver, gall bladder and neck.

The social characteristic which embraces creativity, strength, persistence and restlessness. Fire is obviously associated with heat, therefore too much of the fire characteristic can creates overheating, circulation problems, and rapid changes of emotional states. This element is associated with inspiration, motivation, expressiveness, laughter and love.
Associated areas of the body: thyroid, pituitary, blood cells and chest.

The stable, balanced characteristics within us. People with a strong earth element are grounded, logical, patient, warm and thoughtful. It is also associated with movement and a change of seasons, although too much earth element results in selfishness, overprotective and problems with boundaries.
Associated areas of the body: Muscle, lymphatics, spine and joints.

The minimalist. Organised, clean, controlled and ambitious. Metal characteristics include courage, dealing with problems on their own, self-reliant, and wise. Metal is the diamond, the breath of life and the motion inwards.
Associated areas of the body: Lungs, large bowel and shoulders.

The calm, centred, balanced self. These people appear quiet and reserved but yield creativity and often are eccentric. Water symbolises stillness and balance, although an overload can result in difficulty in decision-making, anxiety and fear. When your water element is in balance, feelings of calmness, flexibility, intelligence and wisdom are embraced.
Associated areas: kidneys, adrenals, bladder, flanks.

Most people will discover one area resonates with their life more than the others. It's essential to remember that each area is interconnected with the whole cycle, so study that one area, and discover which area the source or mother your element.

Studying these elements will allow you to understand the psychological meaning behind diseases, mental issues and physical pains. It will allow you to identify the source of a problem and work to naturally heal your body, mind and spirit.

Malaysian Experience

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Much discussion and thought has gone into my experience whilst interning Kuala Lumpur and travelling solo throughout Singapore, and I felt the need to empty my thoughts and experience onto the keyboard.

My reason being, my trip was unexpected, challenging, spontaneous and character-defining. It wasn't the usual holiday or exploration into another country. Firstly because I was completing a four week internship.

Minimal expectations were on my mind upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur to complete my internship, due to the fact that I was unsure if my interest in Public relations was strong enough to pursue a career in the industry, and secondly because I had no idea what this internship would entail!

Luckily for my minimal expectations as the internship required me to fulfil tedious tasks, required nine hour working days glaring into a computer screen, and a heap load of copying, pasting, scanning and filing. 

My reaction, however, surprised me as I adopted a positive mindset about the situation. I observed the larger picture and recognised that the amount of positives outweighed the negatives here. I got along perfectly with the two girls living and working with me, university had paid for my attendance in Kuala Lumpur, I was completely out of my comfort zone & continuously learning about an intriguing culture and country surrounding me. Therefore I embraced these aspects of my trip and discovered more about myself each week.

Sure the weeks did drag a little, although the final week concluded in perfect timing and I was off on another adventure to explore Vietnam - my first solo travelling adventure!

Well, scratch that, because I didn't exactly make it to Vietnam.
Upon booking my accomomdation and flights online (opposed to through a travel agent), I wasn't notified that VIETNAM REQUIRES A VISA!

So as I happily pranced around Kuala Lumpur airport, suitcase, neck pillow and an overload of books in hand, I was denied boarding due to my absent visa. Unfortunately it was a Saturday - therefore applying for a visa over the weekend would take at least several days before I was granted one. My heart dropped to my stomach as I found a corner to drop my belongings and sit with my thoughts for a moment. I arrived upon the realisation that I was about to miss my flight, and I was most probably not going to arrive in Vietnam.

After calling my mum, guzzling two coffees (I had four hours sleep) and contemplating my plan B at starbucks, I decided to trust the universe and believe Vietnam was not meant to be. Singapore was only a fifty minute flight away, the country doesn't require visa's and I had never been there before. I made a quick decision and before I knew it, I a flight and accommodation booked in the heart of Singapore.

This country was a glorious destination to experience my first solo travelling adventure. Although I would have preferred to experience a more diverse culture, Singapore was extremely safe for a young woman to explore at any hour of the clock.

Travelling alone is daunting and ever so fulfilling. Besides doing WHATEVER YOU WANT, you feel a sense of independence, confidence and peace within yourself. There is a great deal of quiet time, allowing you to be alone to observe your thoughts and study your feelings. I read for atleast two hours each day, explored vegetarian restaurants and walked until I needed to ask for directions back to my hotel.

It was one of the most fulfilling adventures and a huge personal learning experience, and I wish to further explore the world on my next solo adventure throughout south east asia in 2016!


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Our original plan of attack was to explore Melaka through a day trip – Melaka is two hours south of Kuala Lumpur. Catching a non-stop bus from KL to Melaka is the easiest way there, and only cost AUS$10 for a return trip!

The night prior to our departure, the girls and myself contemplated booking accommodation so we could experience the night markets. So that night, we pulled out our laptops and iPads to research accommodation details and rearranging our bus trip.

We booked a budget hotel in central Melaka and the following morning we caught a taxi to our bus station, which appeared to resemble an airport more than public transport. We stormed around the ‘bus airport’ in search of coffee and gave up after realizing all we could find was Dunkin Donuts… who didn’t have soymilk – boo.

Our bus trip was pleasant and fast - I spent my time wrapped in my scarf/blanket, engulfed in my book I was reading (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari). Upon our arrival in Melaka, we were bombarded with bright coloured cartoon-themed trailer bikes. Tourists pay for bike tours - we found it hilariously entertaining, although didn’t purchase the tour as unfortunately all three of us couldn’t fit into the one trailer.

We spent the rest of the day exploring markets and shopping centers, taste testing exotic fruits and relaxing in a hidden, English-styled café with plants and quirky furniture. I was surprised to recognize the city appears more European than Malaysian, with rivers that resemble Amsterdam with small, quirky Italian-styled houses.

As nighttime arrived, Jonker Street came alive with bright lights, souvenir shops, clothing stalls, and cuisine markets with an endless variety of Asian street food. We walked along, absorbed in the buzzy atmosphere as we testing portions of street food and purchased souvenirs for our loved ones at home.

After exploring the markets, we hunted down a bar alongside the long stream of lake, surrounded with trees lit up with bright lights. We ordered greens and red wine, embracing the peaceful surroundings in each other’s company.

The following day, our two-hour bus ride home was peaceful, as I was yet again engulfed in my novel. I feel lucky to have experienced yet another amazing weekend of discovering new food, culture and way of life.

Langkawi getaway


Last weekend caught a short flight over to the beautiful, tropical island of Langkawi! The scenery was breathtaking, with crystal clear waters, friendly locals, delicious restaurants and peaceful ambience. 

Our plane diverted to Panang due to bad weather conditions in Langkawi after the scariest turbulence I've experienced! The one hour flight from KL ended up taking three and a half hours, although it was worth the wait! We had a spicy, flavoursome Indian lunch at a traditional looking restaurant and retired to our hotel room for a rest. Our hotel looked like an Indian Palace rather than a destination you would recognise throughout Malaysia.

Dinner was at a restaurant literally on the beach - the restaurant's furniture is set up on the sand. We shared a bottle of Sav Blanc and shared a mixture of seafood, satay and salads, as we watched tourists parasailing in the ocean in front of us.

The following morning was a lazy walk along the beach followed by a four hour island hopping tour. A local drives us around on his boat all morning, dropping us off at various islands to swim and explore, picking us up and moving onto the next. Three American girls accompanied us on the same tour; I felt pretty confronted by the straight-forward American culture and accent!

Our afternoon consisted of a full body massage, souvenir shopping, mango ice cream, pool swimming and delicious traditional food. One night's stay wasn't enough to enjoy this magical island, although Monday's working day hindered us from staying longer.

Our flight home was incredibly fast and quite relaxing. Langkawi is a perfect getaway for those wishing to explore, relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday, without the hustle and bustle of a busy city.


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I thought I would share some of my (more deep and meaningful) thoughts I have experienced, whilst being completely out of my comfort zone in Malaysia for the past week :)

I've grown to believe that things don’t work out for a particular reason. Some things are not meant to be, so others can fall into place.

The universe has a way of working things out, for the greater benefit of your personal future fulfillment. If you fight the system, you’ll cause friction and problems. Our vision and mindset is the barrier or opportunity - to the benefit waiting for us at the end.

I used to fight the system, carrying this necessity to over plan, organize and have a specific future vision. Now I realize this narrow mindset is the aspect stopping growth, life lessons and unplanned, beautiful pathways leading us to places we never imagined.

People tend to create safety barriers around their life. The job. The house. The income. The retirement money. Some people have a tendency to live for the future, creating problems for the present, and never embracing or realizing the beauty in this moment now. This mindset will result in missed opportunities – something amazing could be right in front of you, but you are blinded by your specific future vision to recognize the alternative path awaiting you.

Be open. Embrace change. Go with what feels right. Listen to your gut feeling – it’s smarter than your brain.

Enchanted island of Bali

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My magical week is Bali has sadly come to an end. Although it's always nice to come home and return to a healthy routine, have a warm shower and a real coffee.

During the week, my family and I stayed in Seminyak at Amadea Resort - this was an amazing place with fast wifi, spacious rooms, delightful staff and beautiful greenery surrounding the pools and gardens. I had never stayed in Seminyak before, and I discovered the most beautiful boutiques, restaurants and coffee corners. Just outside our hotel, we ran into the Earth Cafe. Fresh, organic juices, vegan meals and health conscious snacks are sold at the cafe and market. I was disappointed to find the juices were not very nice and served almost warm :( Although it's great Bali is beginning to embrace healthy food destinations.

We then moved to a hotel in Legian - Jayakarta. This is where you experience a completely different atmosphere, culture and tourism experience. Tourists had tattoos and deadlocks, the locals are over-friendly and pushy to makes sales, and sadly there a lots of poor children and families begging for money on the beach and streets. We became friends with several locals on the beach, I got a henna tattoo of a cat on my ankle (all for fun), we drank lemon-infused bingtang and swam in the ocean everyday.

A day was spent in Uluwatu (surfers paradise). This place is the most famous wave of Bali and is always crowded with surfers, locals and lots of European tourists. Mie Goreng costs $2.50 on the beach, and was one of the best meals I had in Bali! We spent the day at Padang Padang beach, took photos of the amazing scenery and observed the wild monkeys on the walk down!